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By Cesar Acosta DMD
January 07, 2016
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For many adults, making an appointment to see the dentist twice a year, or worrying about the formation of new cavities for that matter, can be low on the list of priorities. Most often associated with childhood, where indulging in sugary snacks and drinks, and poorly formed brushing and oral hygiene habits create a surefire recipe for tooth decay, cavities usually do not start to present symptoms until Cavitythey have caused enough damage to the affected tooth to require professional treatment.

Yet even after the first few telltale signs of a problem, such as painful sensitivity or a throbbing tooth, some people continue to prolong a trip to the dentist until they are sidelined by constant, excruciating pain. Waiting to get a cavity treated can not only be physically painful, it can lead to more severe damage which can, in turn, require more extensive - and costly treatment, such as a root canal.

Knowing what to look for and making an appointment with a family dentist at the first signs of a cavity is the best way to avoid unnecessary pain and damage to healthy teeth.

Cavity Signs and Symptoms

The most common indicators of the presence of one or several advanced cavities include:

  • A toothache and sensitivity, especially to hot, cold, and sweet food and drinks
  • Visible holes or indentations in the teeth
  • Staining on the surface of the tooth
Cavity Treatment
Dental fillings are still the standard treatment for small to moderate sized cavities that have not progressed beyond the surface of the tooth to the pulp. Silver amalgam (metallic) fillings have been the traditional choice for decades, but cavity treatment has evolved and dentists now offer a range of further options including:
  • Cast gold
  • Enamel (tooth) colored
  • Composite
  • Porcelain
  • Glass ionomer

To learn more about cavity prevention and how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, contact your friendly Dentist in Turlock, CA, Dr. Cesar Acosta, DMD at (209) 250-2560 to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and professional teeth cleaning today!

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