By Cesar Acosta, DMD, Family Dentistry
January 05, 2015
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When your teeth are sore and your gums are tender, the last thing you'll be feeling is happy. And when your mouth is filled with pain and your mood is through the basement, what's there to smile about anyway?

But that doesn't mean your unending frown can't be spun upside down - in fact, when you find the right dentist for your oral Dental Crownsneeds, your smile can be completely restored!

And even if you have dentistry needs that require crowns or bridges, take a look below at why they're not a problem for Cesar Acosta DMD Family Dentistry:

Crowning The King

These full-coverage restorations can cover a tooth that's largely deteriorated, about to break, or otherwise empty and not performing the way it used to. When a simple filling can't accomplish the job, that's when people typically turn to crowns-- and with only the strongest, most reliable dental material are used each and every time.

Bridging The Gap

Are you missing a tooth (or teeth) altogether, and can't bear to see your once-beautiful smile in the mirror anymore? Well then it's time to take you back in time to a smile worth showing again! Bridges rely on the structural foundation of surrounding teeth, and fit seamlessly into a mouth full of chompers and a face full of smiles.

If you're ready to make the change from constant frowner to total clowner, then it's time you made an appointment with the superstar of smiles himself, Cesar Acosta, Doctor of Dental Medicine. Located conveniently right here in Turlock, CA.  Dr. Acosta's office is full of professionals who will always go the extra mile to see that smile!

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