By Cesar Acosta, DMD, Family Dentistry
February 11, 2015
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When you wake up and brush your teeth in the morning, what do you see in the mirror? A beautiful smile you are proud to show off, or a damaged smile that you're embarrassed to be seen with? It doesn't matter if your damaged smile is due to an unfortunate dental trauma or a lifetime of poor oral hygiene habits, the good news is that you don't have to live with it anymore. In just a fewDental Crowns trips to your Turlock dentist, Cesar Acosta, DMD, you could have a beautiful new smile you are truly proud to show off.

Whether your teeth are badly chipped, cracked or even missing altogether, Dr. Acosta has a dental treatment option that may be perfect for you: dental crowns. Dental crowns cover your badly damaged teeth with new, realistic-looking porcelain teeth to restore your smile and make it as good as new once again. If your teeth are missing altogether, that is not a problem. Combine a crown with a dental implant and no one will ever know your beautiful smile isn't your own.

Dental crowns from Dr. Acosta offer several benefits worth noting. Crowns protect your teeth from further decay, they offer excellent durability, and they are both comfortable and convenient. You don't take them out to clean them and they don't slide around. Dental crowns are completely natural looking, so no one has to know that you are wearing them, and they can even be used to cover discolorations or to change the shape of your teeth.

Of course, the decision to get a dental crown is not one that should be made lightly. Dental crowns do require multiple visits to place and they can become rather costly if you need a mouth full of them. However, when you consider the benefits of visiting a Turlock dentist for crowns, you quickly realize that the benefits of dental crowns are well worth the drawbacks.

If you are considering visiting a Turlock dentist to achieve a beautiful smile once again, call the office of Dr. Acosta and ask if dental crowns may be just right for you. Why live with an embarrassing smile any longer than you have to? Call today!


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